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Montréal Ouest
A century-old garden community characterized by a warm and secure, neighbourly atmosphere. It is located halfway between downtown and Dorval Airport

Montreal West: location

Montreal West is a small residential community located halfway between downtown and Dorval Airport, Montreal West offers small town tranquility with easy access to big-city conveniences.

What makes Montreal West unique

With the beautiful, large circa 1900 houses, gorgeous flower gardens, mature maple-shaded avenues and only 5,400 residents, Montreal West embodies the ideal of "small and beautiful". Rich in tradition, pride, Montreal West is truly a close-knit, supportive community.

Life in Montreal West

Many of the families have lived in the community for several generations. Montreal West boasts one "main street", Westminster Avenue, with old-fashioned storefront shops. The community prides itself on its active sports and recreation programs and is home to an arena, swimming pool and community centre.

A variety of community services within walking distance: 12 parks, 3 schools, 4 daycare and nursery schools, 2 libraries and 3 churches. With downtown Montréal easily accessible by bus or commuter train, Montreal West is a charming place to live.


In preparation for a possible invasion of Montréal in 1813, the area near Avon Road was fortified. A lookout post was built on what is now Easton Avenue and trenches were dug between Campbell and Wolseley Avenues. The Grand Trunk Railway tracks were laid in 1855 at the south edge of town while the Canadian Pacific Railway’ tracks went in 1886. The installation of the CPR track split the original Montreal West location of the Blue Bonnets race track in two and forced it to move to the north east, near its present location. The present CPR station was built in 1905 and is located just east of the limits in Montreal West.