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A portfolio that speaks for itself


117 transactions

38 Cottages

January Hingston, Monkland, Melrose, Hermitage

February Madison, Wilson, Rosedale

March Northcliffe, Prince of Wales, NDG Ave., Madison, King Edward, Graham

April NDG Ave., Coronation

May Coursol, Oxford, Madison (2), de Casioppée, Westminster, Hingston

June Beaconsfield, Mayfair, Montclair

July Hingston, Montclair

August Sylvestre, Prince of Wales, Hampton, Marlowe, West Hill

September Merton

October Montclair, Northcliffe, Westmount Ave.

November Lansdowne, MacMahon

10 Duplex

January Coolbrook, Melrose

March Grey

April Draper, Hingston

August Draper, Beaconsfield

September Beaconsfield

October Walkley, Belgrave

19 Condos

January Côte des Neiges

February Vendome, Melrose, Oxford, Bennett, Côte des Neiges

March Monkland

April Kensington, Monkland

May Harvard, Melrose

August Oxford

September Victoria, Christophe Colomb, LaSalle

October Benny (2), Snowdon

November Melrose

22 Co-Properties

February Van Horne, Bourret, Marcil, Harvard

March Van Horne, Melrose (2)

April Melrose

May Harvard (2), Melrose

July Melrose, Wilson

August Marcil, Harvard, Snowdon

September Draper

October Hingston

November Melrose, Wilson, Marcil