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A portfolio that speaks for itself


101 transactions

31 Cottages

January Northcliffe, Beaconsfield, Wicksteed

February Draper, Mayfair, Hingston, Place Newman

March Draper, Kensington, Melrose, Beaconsfield, Royal

April Hampton (3), Beaconsfield

May Grosvenor, Royal, St-Ignatius, Jacques Hertel (Ville Émard), Harvard, Milan (St-Eustache), Draper

June Lockhart, Brillon

August Melrose

Septembre Grand Blvd.

October Rosedale, Ovila Gagné , Westminster

8 Duplex

February Dufferin

March Melrose

April Wilson, Hingston

May Beaconsfield, Connaught

Septembre Rathwell

October Mountain Sight

23 Condos

January Melrose, Sherbrooke, Harvard

February Old Orchard, Botrel, Melrose, Benny, Melrose

March Lisgar (Ottawa), Greene

April Benny, Beaconsfield, St-André

May Girouard, Earnscliffe, Grey

July St-Denis

August Old Orchard, Côte-Saint-Luc

September Harvard

October Draper, Marcil, Westminster

16 Co-Properties

February Old Orchard (location), Beaconsfield

March Kensington, Harvard

May Harvard (rental), Madison (rental), Draper, Harvard, Marcil (rental)

June Oxford, Hingston

July Terrebonne

August Chester, Marcil, Melrose

September Harvard