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A portfolio that speaks for itself


137 transactions

56 Cottages

January Starnes, Girouard, Beaconsfield
Febuary De la Fontaine, Hingston, Royal
March Wilson (2x), West Hill (2x), Côte-Saint-Antoine, Coronation, Berkley
April Connaught, Cumberland, Saint Ignatius, Marlowe, Girouard, West Hill
May Northcliffe, Ballantyne Nord, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
June Montclair, Madison, Harvard
July Girouard, West Broadway, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Kensington, Tupper, Connaught
August Hingston, Patricia, Marcil
September Prince-Of-Wales, Melrose, Beaconsfield, Grisé, Marcil, Côte-Saint-Antoine, Monkland
October Old Orchard (3x), Wilson, Rosedale, du Lièvre, Hingston
November Connaught, 5 avenue, Harvard
December Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Hampton (2x), Percival, Harvard

13 Duplex

January des Ormeaux
Febuary West Hill, Earnscliffe, Harvard
March Bessborough
April Old Orchard
June Place de Beaucaire
July Coolbrook
August Girouard, Latour
October Addington, Wilson (2x)

23 Condos

March Melrose, Wilson, Sicard, d'Oxford (2x)
April Victoria, Prince-Of-Wales, Saint-Ambroise, Saint-Jacques
May Saint-Ambroise, Benny
June Jeanne-Mance, Guy, Ottawa
August Kensington, d'Oxford
September Monkland, Saint-Ambroise, Clanranald
October Earnscliffe
November Laurier Est
December Rockland, Marcil

21 Co-Properties

Febuary Melrose, Monkland, Wilson
March Lacombe
April Willowdale, de Terrebonne, Madison
May d'Oxford, Kensington
June Marcil, Earnscliffe
September Draper, Beaconsfield, Harvard, Melrose
October Christophe-Colomb, Old Orchard, Harvard, Madison
November Wilson, de Terrebonne